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Toronto Hair Extensions

Joyce Jones has been doing hair extensions for many years. You could say she's Toronto's expert at hair extensions. Joyce specializes in caucasian hair as well as all other hair types (100% Human Hair).

Toronto Hair Extensions is now carrying BALMAIN and CINDERELLA hair extensions as well as retailing on-line hair extension / extension products. Supplies for hair extension classes, and retailing 100% human hair is also available.

What We've Done

Joyce has won a number of prestigious competitions for her work. This has also earned her an apperance on the Dini Petti Show. In addition Joyce was selected to complete hair extensions for the cast of the summer block buster movie x-men. Some of her clients include Marsha Harding, Paul Stanly from (Kiss) and dancers for pop star Christine Aguilera's dirty video.

Our Methods

Include reusable hair extensions, double hair extensions, cinderella protein strand by strand hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions and hair weaving extensions. All 100% human hair.

What People are saying

My hair is part of my outfit and that's why I want to be able to change my hairstyle to match. Before I couldn't do that without my hair turning dull and dry from chemical coloring. But with Balmain extensions I can totally indulge myself.

Today I have a few highlights applied for some light accents on the side. The extensions can be used time after time. Whenever I want a new hairstyle, new extensions are applied or removed. It's so quick and easy to do. I LOVE IT!

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